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Sacramento County’s Resource for drafting trusts & wills, and probate

Where will your possessions go after you pass away? At the Law Offices of Michael L. Faber in Elk Grove, CA, we’re here to answer your questions. Michael has over three decades of experience assisting clients in drafting trusts, and wills as well as conducting probate. With the help of our attorney, you’ll receive the guidance you need as you prepare for the future. 

Living Trusts Versus Wills

Both living trusts and wills allow you to bequeath property and possessions to designated beneficiaries; however, trusts are typically more complicated to write. Living trusts avoid probate, keep privacy after death, and can help avoid conservatorship. Living trusts allow for more detailed planning. Wills are cheaper and simpler to draft but require the estate to go through probate. Our attorney has assisted clients in Sacramento County since 1990. With this experience, he’ll take the stress and frustration out of creating your living trust or will. 

Probate Assistance

The Law Offices of Michael L. Faber offer probate assistance. If your relative has died without a will or there are issues with the existing will, Michael will assist you in court. Michael will make sure you receive the inheritance you are entitled to as quickly as the court process permits.

Estate Planning

To avoid saddling your children with the costs and stress of going to Probate Court in order to receive their inheritance, consider writing a Living Trust. Michael will help you come up with the best plan to leave your assets to your loved ones by means of a Living Trust, or a will. Don’t put off the inevitable until it is too late. Start planning now! Call our office for an appointment today. 

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